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Act Now: international good practices in politics and society to deal with corona

Collection of non-medical Best Practices

This crisis poses great challenges to people all over the world. But a lot of those being impacted have found new ways and concepts to help us cope with this situation. In order to make these ideas available to everyone, we, together with our cooperation partner, The Innovations in Politics Institute, have set up an online platform: A Collection of non-medical Best Practices revolving around non-medical measures and responses to COVID-19. „Coping with the Crisis”  is all about transferring knowledge- we deliver practices from political, civil society and corporate backgrounds. Every day, new ideas and approaches are being added to the pool.
We count on your support! Please help spread these useful approaches and measures and, in case you have come across innovative ideas and responses to the crisis in your city or region yourself, share them with us and let us know here:
Only if we mobilise a critical mass of contributors, this platform will grow quickly and help us all to manage the crisis successfully.

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